Making Friends The Movie

Award winning film “Making Friends” Produced by Greg Bartlett and Directed by Marvin Suarez.
Winner of the Best Thriller/Horror Movie at the 2011 Canton Film Festival.
When he’s left alone on Halloween, 8-year-old stutterer Denny Grayson looks to make new playmates in the most sinister way imaginable.

Based on a short story by Gary Raisor. An official selection of the Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival, Fright Night Film Fest, Horrorfind Film Festival, and the Canton online gaming Film Fest. Visit for more.

Ethan Khusidman
Katie Maguire
Weez Tomlinson

Director, Director of Photography & Editor: Marvin Suarez
Screenwriter & Producer: Greg Bartlett
Based on the Short Story by Gary Raisor
Music: Joe Vitale Jr.
Assistant Director: Katie Maguire
Associate Producer: Jessica Castillo-Maldonado
Production Designer: Molly Maguire
Second Camera: Rafael Ortiz
Special Effect Makeup: Jason Villanueva

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