Wedding Trailer Filmed at the Royal Regency Hotel

If you don’t already know, I’ve been a Wedding Cinematographer/Photographer for the past 8 years. I’ve slowly been honing my craft always trying to film the perfect wedding. I love the challenge that comes from putting together a large team and shooting something that I only have one shot at. There is no margin for error in this line of work! This past Saturday I held a workshop on wedding cinematography for my team. The reason I did this is so they can shoot like me; everyone on my team is very talented but it’s a pain when I get footage from my team and it looks nothing like mine so I took a stand and decided that I’ll have to just show them exactly how to shoot the way I do. The week prior I had a classroom training session which covered basic DSLR filmmaking techniques. This past weekend we were at the Royal Regency Hotel in Yonkers and there I showed my team how to use the cameras and lights in a simulated setting with 2 models, both a bride (Krista Jamison) and groom (Jose Fernando). I covered every part of the day from the bride getting ready to reception coverage. It was a fun day and learned a lot myself. Click the film above to view the final film which was edited right after the workshop.

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Filmed with 5D MK2,3 , 50mm 1.2, 135mm 2.0, 24-105 4.0 , Leica 21mm 4.0


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