Narrative Films

This film is about a woman who goes out on the town with her invisible boyfriend. She later realizes he’s not there anymore. Shot in around 6 hours at lower Manhattan’s financial district with the new EOS 70D by Canon with a zero budget. This film was created as a test to see how well the camera performed with its new auto focusing system on and off my Glidecam HD4000. See the film below.


Dark Antonyms Preview

Dark Antonyms is a short film produced by Project Mayhem Agency in the summer of 2012. I was approached by Shreen A. Elkenani of Project Mayhem Agency to co-direct and do the cinematography on this film. It was a unique idea that definitely grabbed my interest. Dark Antonyms is about 2 contrasting characters, one of light “SAINT” and the other of darkness “SIN”. I love these dark films because it allows me to play with light, mood and atmosphere and if you’ve seen my other films “Making Friends & Zombie Chronicles” you know what I mean.

Making Friends
Award winning film Making Friends Produced by Greg Bartlett and Directed by Marvin Suarez.
Winner of the Best Thriller/Horror Movie at the 2011 Canton Film Festival.
When he’s left alone on Halloween, 8-year-old stutterer Denny Grayson looks to make new playmates in the most sinister way imaginable.

Based on a short story by Gary Raisor. An official selection of the Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival, Fright Night Film Fest, Horrorfind Film Festival, and the Canton Film Fest. Visit for more.

Ethan Khusidman
Katie Maguire
Weez Tomlinson

Director, Director of Photography & Editor: Marvin Suarez
Screenwriter & Producer: Greg Bartlett
Based on the Short Story by Gary Raisor
Music: Joe Vitale Jr.
Assistant Director: Katie Maguire
Associate Producer: Jessica Castillo-Maldonado
Production Designer: Molly Maguire
Second Camera: Rafael Ortiz
Special Effect Makeup: Jason Villanueva

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