Dark Village – A Film by Marvin Suarez

Shot in the East Village of New York City..I wanted to show the grittiness of that part of town.
Filmed and edited by Marvin Suarez
Music by: “I Wish” by Peter Fox Simon (freemusicarchive.org/music/Peter_Fox_Simon/netBloc_Vol_07_10_From_200_plus_one/I_Wish)

Filmed on the Panasonic GH2..50mm Zeiss..12mm slr magic
No Color Grading

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Jose Fernando – Ya No Mas – Official Music Video

Artist: Jose Fernando
Song: Ya No Mas
Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Marvin Suarez
Photographer: Silvio Garcia
Song Written by Jose Fernando, Joe Dellamedaglia, Matt Noble
Produced by: Jose Fernando, Joe Dellamedaglia, Matt Noble, Paul Wonder
Actress: Angela Caba
Actor: Alan Anthony Paulino

Shot completely on the Sony NEX 5N with Canon and Zeiss Lenses

© 2012 Marvin Suarez Films www.marvinsuarez.com

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Alynn Queen – Nothing To Lose – Official Music Video

Artist: Alynn Queen
Song: Nothing To Lose
Filmmaker/Cinematographer/Editor: Marvin Suarez www.marvinsuarez.com
Written By: Alynn Queen, Lynn Verlayne
Produced By: Tomek Miernowsky
Choreography: John Byrne Productions “johnbyrneproductions.com”
Makeup: Victor Noble
Filmed at The Greenhouse in New York City http://www.greenhouseusa.com/newyork/index.html

© 2012 Marvin Suarez Films www.marvinsuarez.com

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Sara Syms – Dance On My Grave – Official Music Video

Artist: Sara Syms
Song: Dance On My Grave
Directed by Lynn Verlayne
Co-directed by Todd Reynolds
Director of Photography/Cinematographer: Marvin Suarez
© 2012 Sara Syms (ASCAP)



I was hired by Sara Syms to do the camera work and lighting on this music video. We had quite a few challenge, some being that we had no power to connect to and that it was raining. We resorted to using battery operated lights which worked just fine for the types of shots we needed.

Gear used:
7d, canon 5dMK2, Panasonic GH2, 135 2.0, Zeiss 50mm 1.4,SLR Magic 12mm T1.6. Pretty straight forward shoot. The end result was worth it :-)

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Zombie Chronicles:Infected Survivors – Behind The Scenes

Zombie Chronicles was an idea spawning from a Zombie Film “Return of the living dead”. It’s the first zombie film as a kid that I saw on the big screen and it’s energy inspired me to make the Zombie Chronicles and make me want to become a filmmaker. It had an energy unlike any other zombie film i’ve ever seen to date. Fast running zombies with cunning intelligence in getting what they want through trickery and the survivors were always running from something trying to find shelter. I didn’t just want to make any typical horror film with zombie chronicles, I love trilogies and felt one film just wasn’t enough for my taste. I wanted to make a zombie movie that had heart personality and that is exactly what you get with this second episode of the trilogy.

After finishing the first one in 2009, we went right to work with the sequel in 2010 but had no idea what it was going to be about. Auditions were in April 2010 and it was February with no script! I has some ideas but none of them really inspired me, I wanted to make this movie different and wanted this film to be different from the first one. I love the television show “Lost” and I fell in love with the characters, each one had it’s own story and wanted to make episode 2 with many characters each with different stories in the film. I watched all the episodes to help inspire me to shell out these characters for the film. By May 2010 I had a full 70 page script. We started shooting in July 2010 and finished in Sept 2010. Shooting this film was a unique experience, everyone had fun and we felt like a family. This documentary is dedicated to the cast and crew of Zombie Chronicles:Infected Survivors. I love you guys and thank you for all of your hard work!

How did we shoot it?
Canon 5D MK2, and 3 T2i’s.

Canon 50mm 1.4 and Canon 24-70 2.8

Custom Shoulder Mount, Steadicam Merlin

Arri 650 watt, Arri 1K, 1 Kinoflow, Light Panel Micro

This short documentary shows what went on during the shooting of Zombie Chronicles: Infected Survivors…the second episode in the Zombie Chronicles Trilogy which is slated to be released in summer of 2013. Go behind the scenes and see Marvin Suarez in action directing this action packed thriller. See the gear, meet the actors and the Infected..loads of fun! Enjoy!
Runtime: 16 min
Directed & Edited: Marvin Suarez
Camera Operator: Rafael D. Ortiz

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5th Ave Girl Photoshoot – Behind The Scenes

A behind the scenes look at a photo shoot I shot in New York City’s Central Park. Lovely Model Angela Caba plays as 5th Ave girl. We didn’t have much time for the shoot, about 3 hours but we got lots done, weather was nice and got some beautiful shots.

Gear used:
I used mostly long lenses for this shoot..I use mostly L Glass, and believe me that using good glass makes all the difference in the world, the contrast the L glass and Zeiss offer is something the you just can’t achieve with cheaper lenses. I uses a 135mm 2.0L which is my favorite Canon lens..It’s cost around $800 and the quality is some of the best I’ve ever seen…the reason I use that lens is due the nice Bokah that it produces..it’s very clean and colors are very Zeiss like. The next lens that I used was the Zeiss 50mm 1.4 and what’s cool about that lens is the wide angle I get..on the GH2 I used the Canon 35mm 1.4L..since the gh2 is a micro 4/3rd camera, it’s cropped by 2x which means a 35mm is really a 70mm, with that glass and the gh2 hack, the quality and colors are simply amazing, I’m not kidding, when I saw the final video it looked better than the canon footage by far. I recently purchased the Canon 24-105mm 4.0L and used it on my glide cam, since it has image stabilizer i zoom in to around 70-80mm and the image while moving looks stunning that distance.

I used Canon 5D MK2 & FujiX100 as photo cameras, 7D on the Glidecam, and a Hacked Panasonic GH2 with the Apocalypse Now Hack mounted on a monopod. I love the colors the Panasonic GH2 and Fuji X100 Produced..Love that punchy look! Had very little help as far as camera crew..shot 99% of the footage. Very hard to do both photo and video in the same shoot but I managed to pull it off. Love these fashion shoots..lots of fun..expect to see a lot more of these!

I’m loving FCPX more and more every time I use it. I know most professionals don’t like it due to it’s very “iMovie” interface but I tell you that it’s very much a professional product. Yes, at first it was very clunky and was missing some really key features but it’s made my editing a lot easier and fun. For color grading I used the FCPX color tool, and also tries something new, there is a new software that I came across that emulates the look of film called Film Convert, check it out at www.filmconvert.com

Directed/DP/Editor: Marvin Suarez

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Dark Antonyms Preview

Dark Antonyms is a short film produced by Project Mayhem Agency in the summer of 2012. I was approached by Shreen A. Elkenani of Project Mayhem Agency to co-direct and do the cinematography on this film. It was a unique idea that definitely grabbed my interest. Dark Antonyms is about 2 contrasting characters, one of light “SAINT” and the other of darkness “SIN”. I love these dark films because it allows me to play with light, mood and atmosphere and if you’ve seen my other films “Making Friends & Zombie Chronicles” you know what I mean.

The clip above is a preview on Dark Antonyms and displays the grittines and atmosphere of the film. The following is a breakdown on how the scenes were lit and shot. The opening sequence shows a tracking shot captured with the Canon 7D and a 35mm 1.4L mounted on a Cinevate Atlas 10 Slider The medium shots were shot on a hacked panasonic GH2 and Zeiss 50mm 1.4. The extreme closeup of her face and eyes where also shot on the GH2, and an old Nikon 105mm 2.5 with macro adapters. All of the lighting for this scene came from the window.

The camera used for the hallways sequence was the Panasonic GH2 and Zeiss 50mm 1.4. I had one light source which was a small practical light facing upward towards her face coming from from behind. My favorite shot was the hallway shot of her opening the door with the black and white tiles with the creepy dark figure standing waiting for her to pass through the door. The exterior shots where done with a Canon 7D and Canon 28-70L mounted on a Glidecam 2000HD.

Editing & Color Grading
Editing & Color Grading was a breeze. I used Final Cut Pro X and Magic Bullet Looks. I must say that at first I was very skeptical over FCPX but with the latest patch, it’s a hell of a lot better. Still a bit buggy at times but the workflow is so easy and painless. I really don’t see my self editing any other way. To go back and edit on anything else would be like going backwards in workflow for me. Transcoding was a breeze and exporting to vimeo was simple. Making any last minute changes was easy as pie with FCPX. The film was certainly a pleasure to work on and can’t wait to finish editing the Film. Dark Antonyms is going to be distributed to all major film festivals. Look out for it in Spring 2013. Enjoy the preview.

Marvin Suarez

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Joanne Weaver “Black Coffee” Music Video

Joanne Weaver “Black Coffee” Music Video

This March I had the pleasure of working with Singer/Recording Artist Joanne Weaver and Director John Byrne from John Byrne Productions. I was asked to be director of photography/camera operator for Joanne Weaver’s latest Music Video “Black Coffee”. It was a great experience working with both Joanne and John..they are terrific visionaries and gave the film a truly nostalgic vintage Noir feel to it. We found a somewhat abandon studio to shoot the scene which added a great old school 1940′s vibe. The cameras used with both the Canon 7D and 5D MK2. Lenses used were the Zeiss 50mm 1.4, canon 35 1.4 and the 135 2.0. The 7D was locked down on a tripod and the 5D was on my steadicam. I love shooting in Noir style so we chose lots of ambient light from the windows and some basic key lights setup around Joanne. The entire shoot was approx 8 hours and had tons of fun doing it! I love anything Film Noir so this video was right up my alley! Enjoy the video above.

Music video of Joanne Weaver performing “Black Coffee” from the album “Interstellar Songbook”.
Available on iTunes: http://bit.ly/JkldhI
and CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/joanneweaver
Like her on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/joanneweavermusic
Music arranged and produced by Andre Fratto.
Written by Paul Francis Webster and Sonny Burke.
Music video directed and edited by John Byrne.
Director of Photography: Marvin Suarez.
Choreographed by Debra Zalkind.
(c) 2012 John Byrne Productions.
Visit www.joanneweavermusic.com

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Behind the scenes for the short film “Dark Antonyms”

This is behind the scene footage for the short film “Dark Antonyms”, produced by Project Mayhem Agency, written and directed by Shreen A. Elkenani, co-director/director of photography by Marvin Suarez. The stars for the film LiKWUiD “www.iamlikwuid.com” & Jerry S. Cappadona Jr. www.jrcappy.com and dancer “Empress Supreme”
The behind the scenes was filmed by Daniel Mendez.

How did I get involved in this film?
Director Producer Shreen A. Elkenani “http://projectmayhemagency.tumblr.com” approached me with a really cool concept and idea for a film about a floating camera..I instatly fell in love with the concept and decided to co-direct and be the cinematographer for the film. We had a few production meetings on how the concept would come together and did a few test shots on the roof top where the filming would take place. The films soundtrack was recorded by singer/recording artist LiKWUiD who also stars as the lead character in the film “www.iamlikwuid.com“. The film would take 2 days to shoot. The first part of the film takes place on a rooftop which was shot up in the Inwood Manhattan area. For that scene I used the Canon 5D Mark 2 and used the Canon 28-70L 2.8 lens mounted on a Glidecam attached to a steadicam arm and vest. We did about 5 takes before we got the shot right. I had camera operator Daniel Mendez use a second camera filming behind the scene footage of the actual filming. The gear he used was the Canon 7D with a Canon 70-200L 4.0 lens mounted on a Monfrotto monopod. The dark figure at the rooftop was actor Jerry S. Cappadona..very talented and he played his role as the dark man very well!
Once we were done shooting on the roof we shot the second part of the film which took place on the ground level…We had to show the camera fall to the floor so using the steadicam I simulated that effect..the shot continued from there following the actress down the street. For that sequence I used the Canon 35mm 1.4 for it’s shallow depth of field the lens produces. By that time it was around 12:30pm and the sun is at it’s highest point creating really harsh shadows on Liqwid’s face but find that it worked for the scene just fine. The next sequence took place at an intersection..the cars were a pain in the ass and was walking backwards most of the time but nothing I couldn’t handle. It was all fun and games for me and love handling the camera…Shreen (director) is a very talented artist and ideas are unique and abstract…I’m looking forward to working wit her on the next scene which takes place June 3rd.

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Candy Girl Fashion Photo/Video Shoot

Candy Girl Fashion Shoot: Fuji X100, 5DMK2, 7D from Marvin Suarez on Vimeo.

I was asked by a photographer friend of mine “Claudio Abreu” Owner and operator of “Real Depth of Field” to film some documentary footage of his most recent photoshoot which took place in a studio by NYC’s Hell Kitchen. Right away I jumped on the opportunity because I knew his ideas and concepts for models are unique and highly stylized, which I love. I arrived at the studio to see Claudio taking pictures of the beautiful actress/model “Linnea Larsdotter Mikkela”. I didn’t quite know what I wanted to do just yet when arriving. First thing I did was unload all of my gear..Canon 7D,5D mk2 and Fuji X100 along with a ton of prime lenses. Right away I got to it..I mounted my 7D and Zeiss 50mm 1.4 on my Monfrotto 561 HBDV monopod..right away I went for extreme closeups…the lighting was very dim and adjusted my exposure giving the image a dark & moody look and feel. Once I was done with the first segment I grabbed a slice of pizza and took a quick break. I then asked Linnea to take some shots in the hallway and had her walk to the balcony..she didn’t know exactly what I wanted but she went along with it. At this point I mounted my 5D & 28-70L Lens on a Glidecam and began the next segment. Linnea had to prep for her next segment so began doing makeup and hair. Makeup was done by Dee Lhenzi and Hair by Irving St Irving…the wardrobe and styling was done by Merline Noerand. Next I went back and forth with the 7D, 5D and Fuji X100. I was very impressed with the quality of the x100…the colors were vibrant and very close to the DSLR’s. I look at the video now and have a hard time figuring out which is which. We wrapped around 7:30pm. I didn’t quite know what I was going to do with the footage just yet but did somehow want to make it a narrative. I spent the weekend thinking of music for the video and the perfect song came on the radio..I didn’t know the name so I did shazamm on my iphone, the song I chose for this video was “Don’t Say” by singer Hanna Cohen. Last night I got on my mac book pro and opened up Final Cut Pro X and got busy…spent the whole night editing and the result is the video you see here. Any questions feel free to post.

Cinemtography/Film Editing: Marvin Suarez
Photography: Claudio Abreu
Direction by: Marvin Suarez/Merline Noerand
Produced by: Real Depth of Field
Actress/Model: Linnea Larsdotter Mikkela
Hair by: Irving St Irving
Waredrobe/Styling by: Merline Noerand
Makeup: Dee Lhenzi
Music: Don’t Say by singer Hanna Cohen

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